Bay of Killers

NATO – once an impregnable fortress of Western military power, now just another  victim of cyber-terrorism…

Grant Perkins is starting to feel restless. The cosy cottage, the writing career, the ageing mother in Eastbourne – it’s all becoming humdrum, and he misses the thrill-of-the-chase excitement of last year when he and his journalist friend, Francesca, investigated a fraud scam.

But things suddenly start looking up for Grant when his Italian barber, Mario, tells him about a recent news story of an Italian banker whose suicide may not be as it seems. On a whim, he heads off to Italy to reunite with Francesca and delve deeper into the case.

Their quest is not without complications, however. Police Inspector Mancini seems to want to arrest them all the time, the bank’s top executives appear to be hiding something and a blast from their previous case shows up like a bad penny. Very soon the beautiful Bay of Poets turns into a sinister Bay of Killers.

Can the dynamic duo find answers where the authorities have failed or will they have to bow out of the investigation altogether for the greater good?

Bay of Killers has been published by Endeavour Media and is now available to purchase from Amazon.


“Paul Sinclair has created a fabulous page-turning read with Bay of Killers. It has intrigue and twists all the way through. A riveting tale of corruption, killers, bad cops, good cops, dirty bankers and an arrogant FBI Agent to name but few who fuel the pacey narrative. Our heroes Perkins and Francesca face them all down and more as they come up against organised crime at its worst. The believable characters are all set against a backdrop of stunning Italy; and if you’ve never been there, you’ll think you have by the time you have read this book, such is the evocative description which draws you in. This is a cracker of a read which is tautly written from Perkin’s POV in the first person which just adds to the intimacy of the story. Highly recommended.”  ROGER A. PRICE – Author

“Take a breath – close your eyes and dive right into the ‘Bay of Killers!’ You’ll be swimming amongst real characters and events so vivid, you’ll be able to smell the perfume on Francesca’s neck and see the sweat on Grant’s brow. Enticing, engrossing, and utterly believable. Try to put the book down… I dare you!” ALI SABBAGH – Independent Publisher

“Fans of Paul Sinclair’s debut Fatal Consequences will not be disappointed; he’s created another cinematic, fast-moving thriller, with his hallmark mix of glamorous settings and a labyrinthine plot. Prepare to be zig zagged through the dark dealings of corporate corruption, NATO weapons’ research and cyber-espionage. This book will transport you to a juncture somewhere between classic Godfather, All The President’s Men, and James Bond. Entertaining and seat precipice stuff.” GARY DONNELLY – Author 

“A ripping, authentic and surprising thriller, that’s also as beautiful a travelogue I could ever wish to read. Sinclair has followed up his excellent best-selling ‘Fatal Consequences’ with this topical tale of European tension with yet again another varied, immersive cast of characters and more twists than a bent corkscrew. Another best-seller for sure, and highly recommended.” ROBERT PARKER – Author

After reading Fatal Consequences I knew I was in for a thrilling ride with this one, and I wasn’t wrong. With a thick plot, a great main character, whose motivation is easy to understand and follow, and a superb writing, this is the kind of book that you better begin when you don’t have any pressing task waiting for you; otherwise, you’ll find that you missed your mark without even noticing.” CLAUDIA COPADA – Amazon Reader

“I was hooked on this crime thriller from the outset, and once I started reading it I couldn’t stop. It’s a great read, with an impressive cast of characters, lovely Italian locations and a fast-moving, roller coaster storyline. It had it all: intrigue, corruption, murder, espionage and the Mafia. As an Italian reader, I was impressed by the authentic ambience portrayed in the book and would definitely recommend others to read it” ADRIAN NOBLE