Fatal Consequences

One wrong move, one chance encounter, one misplaced loyalty … and the consequences will be fatal

The past will always catch up with you…

Three years after fleeing to London, an American banker is asked to divulge his troubled past: a story that revolves around a shady loan, a brutal murder and an unscrupulous relative – as well as being hunted by the FBI and the criminal underworld. But something about the man’s tale doesn’t add up…

Jet-setting from Miami to Luxembourg to Italy, this fast-paced international thriller has all the ingredients of a powerful and enthralling crime novel: murder and the Mafia, corruption and greed, love and betrayal, and a twisting plot that will keep you guessing until the last page.

Fatal Consequences has been published by Endeavour Media and is available to purchase from Amazon.



“Fatal Consequences is a truly original, twisting story, expertly delivered – that had me gripped and guessing. It also features a wide, engaging cast of unique characters wrapped up in truly wild circumstances, and thrilled me right to the finish.”  ROBERT PARKER (Author)

“Paul Sinclair is a brave man. His debut thriller spans half a decade, jets us between continents on first class tickets and puts us in the driving seat as we roar between Monaco, Italy and Luxembourg in super cars bought on ill-gotten gains.The gilt edged pass he provides the reader gives us access to a world of executive luxury and elite shady dealings that reminds me of reading Ian Fleming. His appetite for action and eye for street detail and the nuance of place harks of Fredrick Forsyth.” GARY DONNELLY (Author)

This book is gripping and is a true page-turner. His characters are convincing and his dialogue is realistic.. The locations are varied, exciting and well described, Paul is a film maker as well as an author – and it shows! I can recommend this book without reservation.” NIGEL LESMOIR-GORDON (Author & filmmaker)

“I enjoyed reading this book very much; it’s a well-structured, well-written thriller that takes the reader on a rollercoaster journey to exciting locations in the Bahamas, Florida, Italy and France. The characters are strong and their individual storylines are cleverly interwoven as the story unfolds. Love and betrayal, corruption and greed, murder and the mafia – all the ingredients for a powerful crime story. Written in a fast-paced, evocative style, the unexpected twists and turns kept me hooked to the end. An impressive debut.” AMAZON READER